Report on homeless access to technology in the Twin Cities

A new report has been released on how people in the Twin Cities who are homeless are marginalized in accessing technology and the Internet, and describes a possible solution.   Research was done by Rebecca Orrick, former CTEP AmeriCorps Member, and TLC member on behalf of Open Access Connections, with the support of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Urban and Regional Affairs.

Access the report at:

Bridge{dot}MN created to connect TC Youth to computers and internet


Tech{dot}MN has helped kickstart a great new program, Bridge{dot}MN, aimed at bridging the digital divide for needy youth and students in the Twin Cities.  Several students have already been helped, having been hooked up with a computer, internet access, as well as technical training. Tech{dot}MN donated half of their budget to get the program started, and several local companies have donated thousands of dollars as well. CTEPMobile Citizen, and PPL are partners in collaboration. Clickhere to donate–companies are encouraged to consider donating $100 – $1,000, but individuals can donate any from $10 on up. Click here to learn more details about Bridge{dot}MN.

Link to Tech{dot}MN’s post about Bridge{dot}MN’s release