Governor’s Task Force on Broadband – 2013 Annual Report and recommendations for the 2014 legislative session

The Governor’s Task Force on Broadband is responsible for developing policies to promote the expansion of broadband access throughout Minnesota and for developing an action plan to identify and correct disparities in access and adoption of broadband in all Minnesota communities, with a goal of ensuring that homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses have access to the technology and information resources they need.

2013 Annual Report  contains the Task Force’s annual report and recommendations for the 2014 legislative session.

2012 Minnesota Internet Study is Published

2012 Minnesota Internet Study is Published

The 2012 Minnesota Internet Survey is the Center’s ninth survey since 2001 looking at the state of Internet access in Minnesota. This latest survey introduces the idea of the Digital Divide 2.0, the idea that now that the Internet is available just about everywhere in Minnesota, we as consumers, providers and policy makers need to understand what trends are appearing now and what they mean for the future.

One conclusion called out in the report is “It is fairly well accepted now that broadband access has become a necessity for functioning at full capacity in today’s world. In other words, Internet access and broadband access are no longer considered a luxury but rather a necessity by most people.”
The full report is available at:

WCCO Covers the Digital Divide

Digital Divide is in the news!  WCCO radio wants people to know what the digital divide is and what is being done to overcome it.  On Friday, March 2nd, the John Hines show hosted a segment on “The Digital Divide with Internet.” (Download the 10:10 AM podcast via  iTunes to listen.)  Many people take home internet access for granted, while 100 million Americans are without access.   The host was surprised by the gap:  Imagine the impact on students when assignments are increasingly online.  Imagine the impact on jobseekers when applications are only online.  Otto Doll, City of Minneapolis CIO, commented on the digital divide and the recent city resident technology survey.

The Buzz from WCCO Radio: In line with the radio story, CBS Minnesota posted a short news item, “Free Internet Access in Minneapolis” and linked directly to “Find a Community Technology Center” hosted by the TLC.