Governor’s Task Force on Broadband Releases Annual Report

Report contains policy recommendations,
including $200 million for the Border-to-Border Broadband Grant Program and updated speed goals

February 3, 2016

The Governor’s Task Force on Broadband released its 2016 Annual Report today, which includes recommendations for Governor Dayton, the legislature, and other policy makers to consider in the 2016 Legislative Session.

The recommendations outlined in the report are aimed at ensuring every Minnesotan has access to broadband, and include $200 million in funding for the Border-to-Border Broadband Grand Development Program and an update to the state’s outdated speed goals.

The full report can be found here.

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CTEP Showcases Technology Civic Engagement Projects

CE Image BlockEvery year  35 AmeriCorps members from the Saint Paul Neighborhood Network’s Community Technology Empowerment Project choose community action projects that make a contribution to bridging the digital divide. The 2015 event was held on Friday, July 31, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Arlington Hills Community Center, where members shared their accomplishments and struggles in creating community change.

The Saint Paul Neighborhood Network’s AmeriCorps program, the Community Technology Empowerment Project (CTEP) bridges the “digital divide” for new Americans, low-income residents and persons with disabilities in the Twin Cities. AmeriCorps members help youth and adults use technology to access social, civic, educational and economic opportunities.

Below is a list of the projects and what they accomplished.  [Read more…]

National Digital Inclusion Alliance: Has your org joined?

National Digital Inclusion Alliance

A national alliance of community organizations, libraries, as well as other institutions has formed to tackle digital disparities at a whole new level. The National Digital Inclusion Alliance works “To craft, identify and disseminate operational resources for digital inclusion programs while serving as a bridge to policymakers and the general public.”

Do you want to get on that bridge? As the need for broadband adoption is getting heightened attention – and, the hope being resources – from federal agencies, now is an opportune time for broadband practitioners and those working in digital literacy programs to unify and utilize their collective voice, based upon on-the-ground experience, in order to make an impact.

To find out about immediate policy opportunities to increase broadband adoption in the U.S. as well as NDIA’s mission, read their blog post, The Right Time for a Digital Inclusion Alliance.

Who from Minnesota has joined so far? Here’s a list… [Read more…]

Digital Equity is a new project for Creative CityMaking Minneapolis

Creative CityMaking

A project on ‘Digital Equity’ with the City of Minneapolis IT Department was one of three projects chosen for the Creative CityMaking Minneapolis (CCM) program.

What is CCM?

Creative CityMaking Minneapolis is a multi-year, arts-based innovation initiative within Minneapolis City government designed to advance City priorities through in-depth collaborations between City departments and highly skilled community artists. Creative CityMaking Minneapolis is a leading-edge program stewarded by Intermedia Arts, the region’s premier multidisciplinary, multicultural arts center, and The Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy program at the City of Minneapolis.

Artist(s) will be chosen to help the IT Department improve the way they confront the issue of digital equity in the city. They not only develop a project, but enhance a process. The call for artists ends April 24th! [Read more…]

Fix-It Tech: Sustainable device repairs for Minneapolis residents

Fix-It Tech volunteer

Fix-It Tech volunteer helping a participant with her laptop


If something is broken or not working well, the next step would naturally be to try and fix it.

Broken hairbrush? Buy a new one.

Leaky pipe under the sink? Call maintenance or a friend – otherwise, grab your toolbox!

Cracked dish? Glue, buy another, or, just use a different one.

But, what about for a computer that isn’t operating well? ‘Buy a new one’ is not a great option for most people. Even calling on ‘maintenance’ – AKA computer repair shops – can often get pricey. And, glue can only do so much…

Just to understand this new way of living now, we need people to help us with our technical difficulties. – Edmond, 2014 Fix-It Tech Participant

Results from Minneapolis’ 2014 Community Technology Survey showed that many city residents struggle with computer maintenance, whether it be installing software, troubleshooting problems, backing up files, etc.

Let’s face it. A computer is a pretty complicated piece of machinery.

Because of this, the Fix-It Tech Events were launched. [Read more…]