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Join the group and make an impact! Gain leadership and technical experience and share your talents:

  • Website - coordination and tech expertise
  • Curriculum and Resource repository leader
  • Contact management leader (CiviCRM)
  • Community Tech Center data leader
  • Communication opportunities, story tellers
  • Corporate / philanthropic / grant coordinator

Oct 10 Fall Meet-up: Do a MOOC

MOOC practice

Learn by doing. We are presenting a slideshow Oct 10 for the Technology Literacy Collaborative in Minnesota (TLC-MN) The slideshow notes can be opened via the options settings.

The link to the recording of  this event is


Learn about the World Wide Web

Oct 13, the Connected Courses MOOC unit titled "The World Wide Web - From Concept to Platform to Culture" starts. I hope you check it out.


  • Develop a deeper understanding of the Web: look at history of ideas that gave birth to the web, and the various cultures that have emerged from it, in order to understand the values and aspirations that inform connected learning.
  • Explore the web’s “threshold concepts” by working with case studies: understand concepts and ways of thinking that support web fluency through the exploration of sites over time.
  • Gain fluency in multimodal composing on the web

MOOC practice

connected courses team

Learn by doing.

Participating in a properly designed MOOC is a great way to practice networked learning. We hope you will consider learning about MOOCs by practicing in a MOOC, in particular the Connected Courses MOOC. You can start any time and any where There is no stress or failure, but you learn more when you join in.

Our Oct 10 TLC Meet-up is about MOOCs. We hope you will have some experience in (connectivist) cMOOCs before we meet so we can better discuss how they work.  

The Connected Courses MOOC is your opportunity to practice learning with many of the superstars of online learning.

 The twitter hash tag for this course is #ccourses 

                                                                                                                      photo by Jim Groom

RFP Released for Minneapolis Community Technology Survey

INVITATION: The City of Minneapolis Information Technology (IT) Department is soliciting proposals from qualified consultants for professional surveying services to plan and conduct a series of surveys of Minneapolis residents regarding computer and internet use. The surveys are referred to as the Minneapolis Community Technology Surveys and are primarily used to determine the state of the digital divide in Minneapolis.

The Minneapolis IT Department has conducted a Community Technology Survey in 2012, 2013, and 2014 and would like to continue the survey over the next several years to measure changes in the community over time.

IT is seeking proposals from a variety of research organizations to evaluate current professional research options and opportunities within the surveying industry as part of the extended commitment to this project.  The desired contract period will be up to six (6) years to conduct up to three (3) resident surveys.

The RFP is open August 27 through September 25, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. 

RFP: Community Technology Survey posted at www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/finance/procurement/rfp 

Promote Cyber Safety in Your Neighborhood

Having a safe community goes beyond safe streets.  Share cyber security tips in your organizations, in your neighborhood and with your friends and family.  


What is MOOC? Explore now and attend Oct 10 Meet Up

Learn about MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses

The Technology Literacy Collaborative October 10 Meet Up will feature MOOC – a discussion led by Art Oglesby of Free Geek Twin Cities, about Massive Open Online Courses. 

Explore resources this summer - see Art's blog post for an overview and how to get started. More to come...


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