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Fix-It Tech: Sustainable device repairs for Minneapolis residents

Fix-It Tech volunteer helping a participant with her laptop 

If something is broken or not working well, the next step would naturally be to try and fix it.

Broken hairbrush? Buy a new one.

Leaky pipe under the sink? Call maintenance or a friend - otherwise, grab your toolbox!

Cracked dish? Glue, buy another, or, just use a different one.

But, what about for a computer that isn’t operating well? ‘Buy a new one’ is not a great option for most people. Even calling on ‘maintenance’ - AKA computer repair shops - can often get pricey. And, glue can only do so much...

Just to understand this new way of living now, we need people to help us with our technical difficulties.” - Edmond, 2014 Fix-It Tech Participant

Results from Minneapolis’ 2014 Community Technology Survey showed that many city residents struggle with computer maintenance, whether it be installing software, troubleshooting problems, backing up files, etc.

Let’s face it. A computer is a pretty complicated piece of machinery.

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