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To get involved with Technology Literacy Collaborative, we invite you to attend the next TLC meet up as scheduled on the Calendar. Network, collaborate with others. Contribute to the central database of Curriculum & Digital Inclusion Tools. Contribute news items, Tweets, or Blog entries. Sign up for our email List. Help lead Collaborative efforts and projects by connecting with us via the Contact page.
TLC Executive Committee – scheduled monthly

Join the group and make an impact! Gain leadership and technical experience and share your talents:

  • Website - coordination and tech expertise
  • Curriculum and Resource repository leader
  • Contact management leader (CiviCRM)
  • Community Tech Center data leader
  • Communication opportunities, story tellers
  • Corporate / philanthropic / grant coordinator

Promote Cyber Safety in Your Neighborhood

Having a safe community goes beyond safe streets.  Share cyber security tips in your organizations, in your neighborhood and with your friends and family.  


What is MOOC? Explore now and attend Oct 10 Meet Up

Learn about MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses

The Technology Literacy Collaborative October 10 Meet Up will feature MOOC – a discussion led by Art Oglesby of Free Geek Twin Cities, about Massive Open Online Courses. 

Explore resources this summer - see Art's blog post for an overview and how to get started. More to come...


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